view of gallery space

Finestra Art Space specialized in exhibiting underrepresented visual artists from the USA and Europe from 2004 through 2011. The gallery space is part of the Fine Arts Building, 410 S. Michigan Avenue, the location of one of the first established artists’ communities in the US.

Artist/Curator Deborah Adams Doering directed the unique, 125 square foot space - 3 short walls, 2 long walls, and 2 large windows ("Finestra" means "window" in Latin) with the help of her creative partner, Glenn Doering.

For certain years, curatorial themes were developed by Doering. These themes brought together individual artists as part of a larger series in essence, exhibiting individual vignettes as a group show. Capitalizing on the geometry of the space, the Doerings helped artists utilize the entire space for installations and interactive art exhibits.

Finestra's unconventional art space was well-received and well-respected in the Chicago art community for being an alternative, nontraditional venue. Reviews in the Chicago Tribune, New City and The Huffington Post highlight the work of the exhibiting artists in this unique space.

Finestra Art Space openings were held concurrent with the "Second Friday Open Studios" event each month. Collectors, curators, and art writers from many parts of the world attended Finestra openings.

Deborah and Glenn thank the many artists and visitors who made the space so unique and vital to the art community in Chicago and beyond.